Friday, April 29, 2011


Today's the day! My new book, "Magic Is Faster Than Light," is now available from the Muse Bookstore at

A blend of Fantasy and Science Fiction, or as I like to call it, SF-flavored Fantasy, it is best described by "Once upon a time there was a spaceship full of witches ..." Here is a short excerpt:

Nobody but Kendra could see into the large cauldron, but soon the watchers noticed its contents were casting a strange green light on the ceiling. When she finally decided things were ready, Kendra opened the valve on the large pipe, and called to the tech at the control panel, "Start the ship's engines." He threw the switch, and after a moment there was a low rumble, similar to that during the first year of the voyage. Nothing else seemed to be happening.

Then someone who was facing the viewplate cried "Look!"

On the viewplate the stars were moving. Soon they were racing across the plate, faster and faster, as the ship gained speed, and after a while it was impossible to distinguish points of light, just streaks. One of the techs stared at the viewplate and said, "I don't believe this is happening, it violates every law of physics! But seeing those stars, we must be moving at several hundred times the speed of light." People started cheering.

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