Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coming soon - This Wand for Hire

This is a sequel to The Ghost of Grover's Ridge, due out January 2013.

When the TV announcer talks about murders where the bodies are drained of blood, Ken Parker and his wife Jinny have only one thought--vampires! They and the witches in their coven team up with the Sheriff's men to fight this menace. But in the ensuing battle, Jinny is captured and turned into a vampire. Now what is Ken going to do?

And by the way, you do know that witches have to make their own wands? But Ken is not very handy with tools, and the wands he was trying to make didn't come out too well. So, thinking out of the box, he went out and bought a lathe and set it up to produce wands. Hey, you have to make your own wands, but nowhere does it say what tools you have to use ...

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