Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Publish America" now "America Star Books"

Yup, Publish America has changed their name to America Star Books. But the leopard can't change its spots, they're still doing business at the same old scam, er, stand.

After my experience with PA, paying their extortion fee to terminate my contract early and get my rights back, I decided to have a little fun and sort of messed with their logo, coming up with:
Does a good job of showing what I think of them, doesn't it? But now that they've renamed themselves, it will have to be put aside. Fortunately, the new name lends itself well to a little tinkering, so here's my version of their new logo:

Remember, they don't play nice, so no matter what name they use, stay away from them!

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  1. I too payed that ridiculous price to terminate my contract with them. Only thing is, I think they can still sell my book "first edition" forever. Unless I'm wrong. Will someone please read this clause that is in my contract and tell me what it means: 19. Whereas this agreement refers to a First Edition of the said literary work, as designated, the Publisher may produce as many editions thereof, consisting of as many copies as Publisher shall deem advisable, at any time after it ceases to produce copies of the First Edition. On all such subsequent editions that the Publisher may produce, the Author shall receive a return as specified in Provision # 3 of this agreement of the sales price of every copy that may be sold and for which the Publisher shall receive payment in money.